Final Stage Mastering
10 Music Circle So
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
United States of America
Owner: Ron Kerr
Year Founded: 1991
Number of Studios: 1
Recording Capabilities: Yes (Mastering only)
Lockouts: No
Video Capabilities: No
Duplication: Yes
Kitchen: No
Parking Spots: No

In 1991 Final Stage Mastering opened in a small room as part of Sound Stage Studios in Nashville. Mastering engineer, Randy LeRoy , and owner, Ron Kerr, wanted to provide quality mastering at affordable rates. Sixteen years later, Final Stage is a leader in Nashville studio community. Their clients expect mastering from a knowledgable engineer with the best tools available for today's changing recording techniques. They realize that each project has it's individual "sound"and that mastering is the "polish" for a great mix and performance.
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