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Hothouse Rehearsal - Studio M


Per Hour $18
Per Day $145


Studio Area 357 sq. ft.
Length 21' Width: 17' Height: 12' 6"

NOW OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK │ 10AM to 1AM │ CALL TODAY │ 562.945.1300

Studio M is a mid-sized premium studio purposely built to comfortably accommodate larger bands (5-10 members) that add keyboardists, percussionist, a horn section and background singers to their standard band configuration. At the mid-size studio level we introduce the vocal monitoring floor wedge speaker system in addition to the side fill speaker cabinets, for a wall of sound vocal PA system.

This studio is perfect for working on your arrangement for new songs, or in the early stages of preparing for your live show performances. This intimate room enables the band members to be close enough to each other to facilitate your need for proximity during song arrangement rehearsals yet gives you the ability to replicate the spacing of a live show for these types of rehearsal sessions.

All of our studios are designed and built to meet your need for sound clarity. We understand the importance of hearing exactly what you are singing and playing. We accomplished this by including a bass trap and installing a sound absorption system on the ceiling to continuously gobble up old frequencies. The ceiling system diffuses and adsorbs the high to mid frequencies while the bass trap handles the low frequencies. What this means to you is the room will never load up with old frequencies and will always sound fresh and clear, never like you are under water.

All of our studios are built to meet your need for power with (11) fourplex electrical outlets conveniently placed throughout the studio. Six hanging warehouse light fixtures with dimmer switches control the lighting atmosphere in the studio. Studio M also includes an off white full length curtain on a 21' wall that adds texture as a backdrop for your photo and video shoots.

Studio Specifications

Power: (11) - 4 duplex 20 Amp Edison wall circuts
Floors: Dark Blue Carpet on concrete
Walls: Acoustical Treatment - Navy Blue Panels
Ceiling Height: 12 FT
Lighting: (6) Hanging lamps w/ wall control dimmers
Studio Area: 357 SQ. FT 21' x 17'
Internet: Wireless & CAT6
Price: $18/hour | $145 per day 12pm - 1am

Audio Back Line Equipment

FOH and Monitor system w/ sidefills & floor wedges

Speakers: (3) 15” HRS-SP15HFM floor wedges (RMS 250 W peak 500 W @ 8 ohms),
(2) 15” HRS-15H FOH sidefills (RMS 500 W, Peak 1000 W @ 8 ohms).
Power Amps: (2) Crown XLS 602 (Stereo 380 watts @ 8 ohms per channel).
Misc & Stands: (2) Audix OM2; (1) AKG D790 pro vocal microphones with
(3) boom stands (1) straight stand.
Mixing Board: Alesis Multimix 16 USB - 16 channel ultra-low noise pro mixer with USB, 8 studio-grade XLR Dynamic Range inputs and 4 high-gain stereo mic/line inputs with phantom power, 3-band EQ per channel, smooth 60mm linear faders 100 28-bit onboard preset effects including reverbs, delays, chorus, flangind and pitch.
Outboard Gear: (2) dbx 266XL compressors (dynamic range processor).
(1) Furman power conditioner.

Equipment Back Line

(2) Guitar Rigs, Bass Amp and Drum Kit with Cymbals

Guitar, Amps and Cabinets: (2) Marshall MG100HDFX 2-channel 100 W amp head featureing digital effects including reverb, delay, chorus, and flange
(2) Marshall MG412A 8-ohm 120W angled cabinet loaded with 4 - 12" custom-voiced Marshall/Celestion speakers.
Bass Rig: Ampeg B2RE 450 W @ 4-ohm bass amplifier head on a Ampeg SVT-410HLF 4-ohm 500W bass cabinet loaded with 4-10" Eminence Legend BP102 speakers
Drum Kit: 5 pc. Pacific DW CX series drum kit with all-maple shells for a punchy, penetrating sound. True-Pitch tuning and STM Pro tom mounts. 18"x22" bass drum; 10"X8", 12"x9" and 14"x12" toms and a 5"x14" snare
Hardware: DW 5000AD3 dual chain bass drum pedal, DW 9101 DrumThrone,
(3) Yamaha CS865 double braced boom cymbal stands Yamaha SS740A single braced snare stand & Yamaha HS 740A chain driven Hi-Hat Stand with rotating legs.
Cymbals: Sabian B8 Cymbals (18" & 16" crash, 22' ride and 14" hi hats

Cancellation Policy
Your rehearsal time is reserved exclusively for You. 24 hours notice is appreciated if you are unable to keep your appointment. Late cancellation fee may apply. Thank You.

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