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Hothouse Rehearsal Studios

NOW OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK │ 10AM to 1AM │ CALL TODAY │ 562.945.1300

FREE WIFI Wireless Internet Access Available throughout the Hothouse Rehearsal Facility

Here at Hothouse Rehearsal Studios we take your rehearsal experience seriously.  That’s why we keep the studios and the facility clean.  We maintained the equipment daily, so none of your rehearsal time is spent trying to get equipment to work.

The Hothouse consistently provides the high standard of service that musicians tell us, they often can’t find elsewhere.  We offer honest and opened arms respect and are proud of the artist community that has developed and continues to grow here at the Hothouse.

The Hothouse pioneered the affordable “acoustically designed” rehearsal studio to enhance your rehearsal experience. 

The studios were purposely built.  The hothouse interviewed over 50 bands to find out what they where looking for in a rehearsal facility.  We then took their feedback and consulted several acoustic engineers to help us design the studios and determine which materials to use in its construction.

The studios are constructed as independent rooms to reduce sound transmission. Studio to studio the walls never touch, incorporating dual wall construction.  Each wall was constructed out of the finest materials to block sound transmission.  When closed, the studio doors are designed to block sound leakage.  The walls and doors work together as a sound barrier to reduce sound transmission.

Within the studios, various acoustic treatments are used to increase sound intelligibility.  By reducing reverberation, echoes, low frequency buildup and the effects of standing waves, sound clarity is achieved and the studios remain fresh sounding.  So what you’re playing is what you’re hearing.

Having great sounding rooms and quality equipment isn’t the only reason artists are using the Hothouse to meet their rehearsal needs.   It’s the positive and creative atmosphere.  It’s the high standard of service you receive from our staff members.  It’s the attention to details…

You are the priority.

Cancellation Policy
Your rehearsal time is reserved exclusively for You. 24 hours notice is appreciated if you are unable to keep your appointment. Late cancellation fee may apply. Thank You.

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