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Some of our satisfied recording clients:

Bands we've recorded
-Under A Watchful Eye
-The Aftermath
-Regin in Ruin
-Midnight Special
-As Is
-Bullet To Eden
-Happy Dwarf
-So Cal Connection
-Punchin Munchkins
-Bao Xiong
-Dona es Requim

...call for other references and details





Cancellation Policy
Your rehearsal time is reserved exclusively for You. 24 hours notice is appreciated if you are unable to keep your appointment.
Late cancellation fee may apply.
Thank You.


Are you looking for a place to record your next live performance, studio session or record your next album? Hothouse can deliver professional video and audio recording services. Call us at 562.945.1300 before you call anyone else!

Live Recording Package                                $225

This package is a straight forward approach to recording your music.

Within the 6 hours you will multi track your instruments and vocals live.  The entire band (instruments and vocals) are recorded at the same time LIVE.  You are able to record up to 3 full songs. Your live tracks will then receive a professional board mix and will be downloaded to a CD for you.

This time and money saving approach, is great for capturing the songs’ emotional feel.


  • 6 hours of Live Multi-Tracking and Mixing.
  • You walk away with your mixed CD.
  • Acoustically Designed Studio
  • Pro Microphones
  • Audio Engineer
  • Use of Hothouse Back Line
  • 2 Marshall Guitar Amps
  • Ampeg Bass Rig
  • Pacific DW Drum Kit
  • PA System


 Studio Recording Package                         $625

In this package you’ll have 10 hours of time dedicated to tracking your instruments and vocals for up to 3 songs.  Track your rhythm section, solos, vocal harmonies and any other additional instrumentation you may want in your songs. Your multi-tracks recordings will then be professionally mixed and mastered.  You’ll receive a DVD with the multi-tracks recording on it and a CD with the mastered mixed version of the songs ready for replication.


  • 10 hrs of Tracking
  • Pro Audio Engineer
  • Professional Mix
  • Mastering
  • CD with mixed mastered songs
  • Multi Track masters files
  • Acoustically Designed Studio
  • Pro Microphones
  • Use of Hothouse Back line
  • 2 Marshall Guitar Amps
  • Ampeg Bass Rig
  • Pacific DW Drum Kit
  • PA System


 Additional Services

  • Multi Tracking                                             $ 40 per hour
  • Voice Over                                                  $ 30 per hour
  • Mastering                                                    $ 25 per song
  • Mixing                                                          $100 per song

Full albums or EP recordings please call for quote


Equipment Specifications:

  Nuendo 3 recording program

  Mics - Shure SM57, Beta SM57 Beta SM58, SM 7B AKG D112,

  Rhodes NT5 & NT1-A, Audix i5, Sennheiser 421(2).

  Rack Effects - Multieffects unit- Lexicon Mx300, DBX 166Xl

  Compressor, BBE Sound Maximizer 

  Mackie 1402 –VL23 14 Channel Mixer

  Reason 3.0 with M-Audio midi 61 keyboard

  Interface - Motu 896 and Presonus Firestudio, both with Preamps.

  Monitors - M-Audio BX8a

  Sound baffles for superior sound.

  Plug-ins Waves Golden Bundle 5, Drumagog, URS, Tracks, and more.

Call today to book your recording session

email: studio@hothousestudios.com

50% deposit required upon booking



12PM to 1AM



FREE WIFI Wireless Internet Access
Available throughout the Hothouse Rehearsal Facility

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