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Straight Down


Squeegee is a party band....straight up. We play because its fun and we want other people having fun with us. Squeegee has been around in some form or another for the last 3 years. Brian Davis started the band about 3 years ago with a less than talented rhythm section. Aaron Powell went to one of their early shows at the Old Towne Pub and quickly realized that he had a lot to offer as far as making the band better. We had our first practice with newly acquired drummer Adrian Alvidrez in downtown LA sometime early in 2003. It clicked instantly. Brian wrote great songs, Adrian ripped the kit and Aaron played some mean bass lines and managed somehow to keep Brian out of too much trouble. The next 2 years were a blurry mix of partying, flirting and playing a handful of sometimes great, sometime sloppy as hell shows. During this time, Brian and Aaron had developed a pretty tight relationship as songwriters and friends. The band finally got around to recording for the first time in the summer of 2005. They laid down 4 songs, (the ones that you are listening to right now) at Pasadena Rehearsal Studios and made a really half assed ep. They sold it for $3 at shows. By early 2006, Brian and Aaron wanted to take the band a little more seriously. Only problem was that Adrian did A LOT of traveling and they felt they needed a drummer that was a little more committed to the band. So they temporarily tried out this guy Mark and played a show with him. He was a solid drummer but the chemistry just wasn't there. So once again, Squeegee needed a new drummer. They met Robert Avanti in mid 2006 at Hot House Studios and quickly gave him an audition. He had played in a punk band before so he was definitely what they were looking for. Robert had told Brian and Aaron that he was REALLY into Dave Matthews Band....which made them very nervous....but it worked out. One practice was all it took. Robert was in. They played a few shows too work Robert into the mix. They went very well. Better than pretty much all those previous. Squeegee was on a roll. And it kept rolling. Brian had told Aaron that he was interested in getting a 2nd guitarist. Aaron seconded that notion and suggested long time friend and ex-Pasadena Grifters guitarist Brian Burch. They tried him out and the difference was clearly noticeable. Brian B. added an element of depth that was clearly needed. Squeegee was a 3 piece no more! Brian played the next few shows with Squeegee and shortly was the newest member of the band. That brings us to the present. Squeegee is currently in the studio finishing up what will be their first album, which should be available in February. So how, you ask, do I know all this about the band?........ Because I was there for all of it. -

City of Origin: Montebello, California

Band Formed:  Early 2003

Band Members:
Brain Davis – guitar and vocals
Aaron Powell – bass and vocals
Robert Avanti – drums and vocals
Brain Burch - guitar

Contact Squeegee
Myspace: www.myspace.com/squeegee

Updated February 2, 2007

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