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Born on a mountain top in Tennessee, oh wait, wrong bio. Hailing from The Garden State , yeah this is the one... three friends and bandmates, (yes there were more, but this isn't about them), pack their suitcases, lug their guitars, and head west for a short trip to sunny Southern California. A few shows a few days then they're back in their own beds in bucolic NJ. Now wouldn't that be boring? Good thing that's not quite how it went. ....Upon arriving in the dream factory, Peter, Mark, John, and those others discover their dream, not the one where they show up to school naked, the other dream, the music dream, was well, a reality. The World Famous KROQ , was playing their song, "ANYTHING ANYTHING"! Playing it so much in fact that even Mark, Peter, and John were tired of hearing it. Not really, but I have to make them look at least a little bit humble. One day you're working at the local hardware store, the next day you're being courted by countless record companies, playing to thousands opening for the Furs at Irvine Meadows, and to top it all off Garrett Morris, yes, THE GARRETT MORRIS , lives in the same apartment complex as you!! Albeit you're sharing a two bedroom, no food in the fridge apartment with ten other guys, but still, Garrett Morris is your neighbor. Things get a little blurry here...something about the next biggest thing that never was, the best band you never heard of (most of you anyway), can't catagorize this kind of music, no synthesizers, actual guitars! Didn't they realize this was the 80's? and the rest is history...blah blah blah. About the others, Jesse, and even more about the others, Chris.

Sounds like the end of the story...but it's not. Fast forward. Past Lorenzo Lllamas, past Uncle Floyd, past Pat Sajak, past Mr. Letterman, past rehab, past five critically acclaimed albums (yes, critically acclaimed, don't believe me check. Did you check? See I told ya), past all sorts of fun, past rehab....now STOP!!!... It's 2003...you're in your garage, shirtless in your garage, the company you've worked for has gone out of business, your best friend and your mom have died just weeks apart just weeks before, and, well, with nothing else to do on a Tuesday afternoon in August you're in your garage shirtless...when all of a sudden...there are 50, well, maybe 20, okay, more like 12 people running at you with cameras and microphones. Is it America's Most Wanted, as some of your neighbors think? NO! It's your old (as in long time, not geriatric) friend Richard Blade and his VH1 crew asking you to reunite for one show with the your old band, remember? the ones who also came to sunny Southern California all those years ago? The ones, some of whom you haven't played with for almost 9 years. And of course some who you talk to and play with quite frequently. Any guesses as to which two they might be? By Sunday it's dream time again, crowds, camera crews, swanky hoes, I mean hotels, and limousines. All goes well, so well in fact that the guys at the way aformentioned KROQ invite y'all to play the next month at their annual Inland Invasion concert . Of course you all would LOVE to, it's a no brainer.....we're fast forwarding again, past 3 weeks of drama and trauma, and STOP! It's Sept. 20th...Dramarama (with all the band members mentioned in that little members box) takes the sidestage, I know, side stage sounds a bit anticlimatic, but read on...takes the side stage where 15,000, okay maybe 10,000, people have gathered to watch you perform, and perform you did! Pandemonium! What choice is there but to release a new Dramarama album. "Everybody Dies", that album , is NOW, yes RIGHT NOW, available at a record store near you!! At least we hope it is. If not go to Tower.com to order your copy today. And while you're in this Dramarama type mood, be sure to call your favorite radio station and make some requests, of course we mean request DRAMARAMA . Who do you think we meant? DRAMARAMA VIDEOS

Original DRAMARAMA members........ Peter Wood, MARK 'Mr. E Boy' ENGLERT, john easdale ........with OUTSTANDING support from........ Craig Ballam, Mike Davis and Tony Snow ........ and of course our sometimes secret weapon... Cosmo Topper
Influences The mind and spirit of Uncle Mookie, the Man the Myth, the Legend, the forever missed Greg Dwinnell

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Updated March, 30, 2006

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