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Total Number of Terms : 1373
Quadrille -- A 19th century square dance written for 4 couples
Quadrille -- An early 19th century ballroom dance for four or more couples. music of which was usually adapted from popular melodies of the day
Quadrivium -- One of the divisions of the seven liberal arts studied in medieval times. The seven were divided into the mathematical four, the quadrivium, which included arithmetic, astronomy, geometry, and music, and the trivium (rhetorical three), grammar, logic, and rhetoric
Quadruple Meter -- Basic metrical pattern of four beats to a measure; also common time
Quadruple Stop -- Playing four notes simultaneously on a string instrument
Quadruple Time -- 4/4 time or time signature equaling 4 beats to a measure. Quad meaning "4"
Quadruplum -- Fourth voice of a polyphonic work
Quads -- Consisting of 4 drums and often played in marching band or drumline
Quartal Harmony -- Harmony based on the interval of the fourth as opposed to a third; used in twentieth century music
Quarter Rest -- A pause or rest having the time duration of one fourth of the time duration of a whole rest
Quarter Tone -- An interval that is one half of a semitone or half of a half step. This interval is not commonly used in Western music
Quartet -- A set of four musicians who perform a composition written for four parts
Quatreble -- Term in Medieval and Renaissance music for a voice pitched a fifth above the treble
Quena -- A South American folk instrument from the Andes mountains (Bolivia and Peru). Similar to a flute, it is made out of cane, 25 to 50 cm. long with five or six finger holes and a thumb hole. A notch in the upper rim allows the performer to blow across the sharp edge to create the sound. It is commonly heard as a solo instrument and in ensembles. Pre-Columbian versions have been found dating back to 900 B.C. and were made of bone and clay
Quickstep -- A dance popular in the 1920's in duple meter, a version of the foxtrot. Also, a fast march
Quilisma -- A neume used in notation of Gregorian chant, probably denoting a trill or tremolo
Quill -- The part of a harpsichord jack that actually plucks the string. Traditionally made from a feather, the quill is now typically made from a synthetic such as nylon
Quinta -- (Or quinto) - The smallest conga drum
Quintet -- A set of five musicians who perform a composition written for five parts
Quinton -- A hybrid instrument that was in use during the 18th century, having characteristics of both the violin and the viol. It had the body of the violin, but the sloping shoulders of the viol, and five strings tuned (lowest to highest) g, d1, a1, d2, g2
Quints -- Consisting of 5 drums and played in marching band or drumline
Quintus -- Term used in the16th century for the fifth voice in a composition having five or more vocal parts. The quintus sometimes was a descant or countermelody added on top of the usual four voices
Quodlibet -- A humorous composition that contains snatches of popular melodies and texts presented concurrently or consecutively. The term was first used in 1544 in Germany
Quotation Music -- Music that parodies another work or works, presenting them in a new style or guise
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