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Kapelle -- Chapel (= German: Kapelle; Italian: cappella; French: chapelle) is a musical establishment, generally of a king, prince or other ruler
Kapellmeister -- The Kapellmeister is the director of music (= Italian: maestro di cappella; French: maƮtre de chapelle) of a musical establishment, either of a king or prince, or of an opera-house or municipality
Kettle Drums -- (Or tympani). A very large drum made of copper or brass. Most often used in orchestras and symphonies. This drum has a foot pedal that is attached to the head mechanism. When the foot pedal is depressed, the kettle drum makes a unique, "boing" type of sound
Key -- Keys on a musical instrument are the levers which when depressed produce a particular pitch of note
Key Signature -- The key signature is the sharps or flats, or absence of either, at the beginning of a piece of music, indicating the sharps, flats and naturals belonging to the key of the music
Key Signature -- Sharps or flats that are placed at the beginning of a staff to indicate the key of a musical composition or a musical passage in the song
Kick Drum -- Another word for "bass drum". This is the largest drum on a typical drumset and it sits on the floor
Konzertmeister -- The leader of an orchestra (that is, the principal first violin) is known in German as a Konzertmeister and in the United States as a concertmaster, the latter term now finding more general favour in other English-speaking countries, apart from Great Britain, where the word leader is still preferred
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