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Improptu -- A short piano piece, often improvisational and intimate in character
Instrumentation -- Arrangement of music for a combined number of instruments
Interlude -- Piece of instrumental music played between scenes in a play or opera
Intermezzo -- Earlier signifying a comic interlude inserted between the acts of an opera seria, the 19th century intermezzo was often either a musical interlude in a larger composition or a piece of music in itself, often for solo piano. In this second sense it is used by Schumann and later by Brahms in their piano music, while both Mendelssohn and Brahms use the word as a movement title in chamber music
Interpretation -- The expression the performer brings when playing his instrument
Interval -- In music an interval is the distance in pitch between two notes, counted from the lower note upwards, with the lower note as the first of the interval
Intonation -- Intonation is the exactness of pitch or lack of it in playing or singing. Collective intonation is that of a group of instruments, where slight individual variations in pitch can be lost in a generally more favourable effect
Invention -- The two-part Inventions of Johann Sebastian Bach are contrapuntal two-voice keyboard compositions, and the word is often understood in this sense, although it had a less precise meaning in earlier music
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