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 Richard Morales -
Hi this is Richard Morales from the Hothouse Music Group. Please join me for the “Hothouse Rehearsal Studio Tip”.
I’ll be discussing various methods and techniques to help your rehearsals become more effective and efficient.

A little history on the “Hothouse Rehearsal Studio Tip” column and why it came about.

Everyday at the Hothouse rehearsal studios, I see bands rehearsing for their upcoming shows or working on new material for their next recording. Frankly, there is a cost in time and money, invested into each of your rehearsals and at the Hothouse we want to help you get the most out of your valuable time and money. We want your band to make progress.

Quite often I found bands asking me a similar question. They’d ask me “What can we do to have more effective and efficient rehearsals”? That question sparked the idea for the “Hothouse Rehearsal Studio Tip” column. Information on music rehearsal techniques, designed to impact your next showcase or recording.


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Record, Listen, Review Your Rehearsal -   Click here

Create A Rehearsal Game Plan
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Pre Rehearsal Preparation
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Types of Rehearsals
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Jamming and Band Song Writing Rehearsal -
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New song is introduced, learn chord changes, very loose approach, figuring out what the song should sound and feel like. The band as a whole writes a song.  Similar approach as a jamming rehearsal except you’ll be creating the chord changes on the fly.

Song Arrangement Rehearsal -
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Assign parts and focus on specific sections in the music.  Work in small groups (bass and drums only, drums and vocals only).

Performance Rehearsal -
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Your live set is fined tuned.

Pre-Production Rehearsal (For Recording) -
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Here your thinking about instrumentation, breaking the song down instrument by instrument, assigning instruments to your track map.

Technical Rehearsal -
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Work on moving smoothly thru your effects processors, instrument changes, and amp settings.

On Camera Rehearsal -
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Video a dress rehearsal, practice movements.

Live Radio Show Rehearsal -
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Work on song introductions, edit song length if necessary,
come up with “sound bites”.

Interview Rehearsal -
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Have a friend interview the band; get comfortable with answering questions on the fly.

Suggest a Topic/Your Topic -
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Rehearsal Techniques
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